Buying Exotic Hardwood Flooring For The Best Price

Solid hardwood flooring gives a home character and beauty that is unsurpassed by other types of flooring. What if we told you that you could convert your everyday hardwood flooring into an exotic masterpiece – without spending the kitchen sink? When you select exotic hardwood flooring from the experts at the Hardwood Flooring Stores. We’ve negotiated with some of the top manufacturers for the world’s most beautiful, stunning hardwood species, bringing you a exceptional, Canadian approach to modern hardwood flooring.

Hardwood floors add to the value of your home wherever they are installed. Their return on investment is one of the best in the flooring industry. They truly are an investment in a home, not just an expense. The appeal to homeowners is that hardwood floors function well in traditional homes and contemporary homes alike, with flooring options to fit any design style. Widths as narrow as 2 ¼” and wider than 7” are available in the finish and colour of your choice.

Quality and Safety first

We source only Canadian and US manufactured products for our customers. There’s a huge quantity of hardwood flooring that is manufactured from illegally sourced lumber in the Siberian and Malaysian forests. The New Yorker did a full expose about the illegally sourced logs that are shipped by massive trains or ships to China where it is used in the manufacturing of hardwood flooring. In many cases these products are packaged with deceptive wording making it look like it is made in Canada or the U.S.A.

You can’t put a package of bubble gum on a shelf in Shopper’s Drug mart without the ingredients and health information listed in French and English but you can get away with bringing products from China and label the cartons in a deceptive way to make people think that it is made in Canada.

 Why is Canadian manufactured hardwood flooring important?

 1.    Strict health and safety issues for the factory workers making the flooring.

2.    Strict regulations on the chemicals used in the adhesives and finishes.

3.    Living wages paid to the workers

4.    Flooring made in our market is for our climatic conditions.

5.    Certified selective harvesting of lumber in our sustainable forests.

6.    Local manufacturers with real warranties

7.    All revenue from manufacturing and distribution stays in our country

8.    Canadian pride in manufacturing leading to the very best quality in the world.

What is Exotic Flooring?

While there is no official definition of “exotic wood,” the term generally refers to species that are not found in North America. They are imported from tropical, faraway places like Africa, Australia, the Far East, and Brazil.

So, what makes exotic hardwoods so desirable to so many people, especially for their homes?

Their appeal lies in their unusual and striking appearance, which differs by species and even from tree to tree of the same species. Exotic hardwood floors are known and loved for their distinctive color tones, textures, and grains.

At Hardwood Flooring Store we have selected the four finest exotic hardwoods to create a stunning array of floors that are Lacey Act compliant, to ensure legally sourced timber.

African Sapele

Looking for a dramatically elegant floor? Consider crimson–chestnut Sapele, with its crisscrossed and streaked or honeycomb grain and its rippling, banded, or speckled patterns. Sapele is not an endangered species—it is abundant in Africa.

Brazilian Cherry

Grown in the forests of Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, South America, and French Guinea, this stunning hardwood features earthy browns with soft burgundy undertones. Gorgeous Brazilian Cherry adds flair without overwhelming your space.

Black Walnut

Few wood species have the deep, dark character and warmth of Black Walnut. Grown in the central and eastern USA, its rich chocolate tones and straight, open grain bring timeless elegance to your design scheme.

Santos Mahogany

This stunning exotic species is found in southern Mexico, Central America, and as far away as Argentina. Incredibly hard and dense, the Santos Mahogany‘s dark brown hue with lustrous red undertones and streaked grain add sophisticated elegance to any décor. Our sources harvest this wood responsibly.

At Hardwood Flooring Store you will find most of our exotic looking hardwood floors in our International Series which features our exclusive Pure Genius® air-purifying technology.

Talk to the experts

Of course, with so many options and points to consider you may want some assistance and sound advice to aide you with your decision making. When it comes to advice make sure you speak to experts that know what they are talking about and will offer you the best opinions based on experience. Contact us at the Hardwood Flooring Store and we can help you get the floors of your dreams. We have incredible discounts available at our liquidation store, so floors that were once $5.49 now discounted to $0.75. We also showcase only the best high-end floors on our premium website that are available at our main hardwood flooring store showroom in Markham Ontario just north of Toronto.

Richard Barclay

We have a highly skilled team at the hardwood flooring store, so anyone you speak to will be able to help. For this blog I would like to feature Richard Barclay, he just recently celebrated 15 years working at our Markham location.

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