Is Dark Hardwood Flooring the New Trend?

Dark hardwood floors are trending in the flooring world right now. They are modern, chic and bring a sense of warmth to any space. The problem however with choosing a bold flooring choice is finding a way to properly integrate into the overall design of a specific room or your house as a whole.

Pairing the right furniture and decor will make the space open up and feel warm and inviting, but with the wrong colours and textures a dark hardwood floor can have the tendency to make the room feel dark and heavy. So if you have been looking for the right way to go about your redesign, take a look at these simple ideas and get ready to enjoy your new dark wood floors.

Keep it light

This is the contrast school of design. With dark hardwood floors try painting the walls white and buy furniture that is of the same tone as your floors but on the lighter end of the tonal scale. The white walls and the warm furniture will provide a nice contrast but not be too much of a difference as to appear stark and uninviting.

Touch of Colour

We all have a favorite colour but you are worried that it won’t work alongside your dark floors. Fear not. Find a nice bright version of your favorite colour and use it as your accent. The key to this trick is to use the accent colouring wisely, not let it overwhelm the space, and to mix in as much white as possible. The three colours will play off each other and keep the eye interest yet not distracted.

Texture is out

If you are looking to strike a more urban, stark, modern vibe to your space keep your decor and furniture colour choice in the gray space and mix in a bunch of different textures to add depth and interest to the room. Try leather pillows, shag rug, fabric accent chairs, metal side tables. This mix of textures will add visual interest to the room while keep it muted enough to retain the modern downtown loft kind of feel.

Some people will tell you that an easy way to get around decorating with dark hardwood floors is simply to cover them up as much as possible with large rugs. I think this is a lazy way to decorate and design your home. You spend all this money on dark hardwood floors just to cover them up. With a little homework and the right eye for picking furniture and decor, you will have a home that not only looks good but feels welcoming as soon as you step in the front door.

When looking into hardwood flooring quality is always best. You want a product that is not only safe but that will last in your home for generations. This trend in sustainable practice is something that is growing fast and spreading to other sectors. The consumer of tomorrow will not make his or her decision based solely on price, but rather on product sustainability and the actual sustainable practices of the maker. The next economy will grow in their concern for how and where the product was manufactured and if that place is socially responsible.

Hardwood floors are built for the future. While it is not an industry that will have late breaking technology developments, with hardwoods floors integrated with Bluetooth; the flooring industry is looking ahead long term.

The Hardwood Flooring Store is a proud supplier of quality sustainable products that are certified and of the highest quality. We carry only the best brands available on the market and that are ensured to last in your home for decades. Visit The Hardwood Flooring Store and one of our knowledgeable associates will gladly work with you to help figure out the right Hardwood Flooring Product for your home.

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