Health Alert! Change your carpet for hardwood flooring now!!

Replacing your carpet with hardwood flooring might be more than an aesthetic endeavour. Get ride of that old carpet and get Hardwood Flooring, your health might depend on it.

Replacing your old carpet with hardwood flooring has more benefits than simple aesthetic appeal. It will add style to your home and create an entirely different energy and vibe throughout your home. It’s an easy and instant change that can even help raise your resale value. But, there is an even more important reason to get rid of that old carpet. We have addressed this in a blog on the air quality before, but it is worth discussing again. Carpet is the largest contributor to pollution in your home. Carpet contains VOCs that can release chemicals into your home for up to 5 years after your initial installation.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are carbon-based chemicals. According to the EPA, these compounds are emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids. They contain a variety of chemicals, some that may cause short- and long-term adverse health effects. To tip the iceberg, the concentrations of these VOCs are ten times higher inside your home than outside. Then add in all the things that get stuck in your carpet such as dust and hair, which contribute to asthma and seasonal allergies. It’s pretty gross when you get down into the dirty of it all.

Health effects could be eye, nose and throat issues, headaches, nausea and loss of coordination to start with symptoms ranging from conjunctival irritation, irritated nose and throat or skin allergy symptoms. More serious effects may include: liver damage, kidney and nervous system and some organics are known to cause cancer in animals as well as humans. More severe symptoms you could experience are dyspnea (difficulty breathing), vomiting, epistaxis (anterior and/or posterior bleeding), fatigue and dizziness. Now, with any exposure to a pollutant, the health effects are dependent upon level of exposure and length of time you have been exposed. But why even potentially put yourself and your family at risk?

This is a very important issue. Canadian and American made flooring follow a standards that are not as strict as other countries. Please read a message from Ron Ander the president of Hardwood Flooring Store LTD.

Hardwood floors stay cleaner, last longer, are more durable and if installation is completed effectively using environmentally friendly tools then it won’t emit harmful chemicals inside your home! We offer a variety of wood flooring options from top manufacturer’s. This means you receive quality materials at a lower cost than any other flooring retailer. We know our flooring and can provide you with assistance along the way. In choosing us, you have complete control over the labor. You simply order your quality flooring and install yourself utilizing our tips along the way or hire us to do the work for you.

With our selection, pricing and expertise, you are sure to find the hardwood flooring you’ll love. Choose the Hardwood Flooring Store and make the switch to Hardwood today!

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