What is the real cost difference between solid hardwood floors and engineered?

So you have decided to go with the awesome look of hardwood floors in your home. Good for you. Hardwood floors give a home a warm, cozy, comforting feeling that is hard to match. Feeling good about yourself you make your way down to the Hardwood Flooring Store and suddenly feel overwhelmed at all the choice. Don’t panic we have associates that will guide you through every step.

The first step you will face in this decision is whether to go with solid or engineered hardwood floors. Both options will last long and beautify your home. Solid and engineered have their pros and cons for certain parts of the home but no matter what product you end up choosing there is no doubt it will satisfy. The biggest question that comes from most people is cost.

First the facts: solid hardwood floors are more expensive. Depending on the species of tree you want to install, solid hardwoods can get expensive really fast. Plus to install real hardwood floors it costs a little extra giving the extra work needed to ensure proper installation. A rough estimate for the average solid hardwood would be from around seven to thirteen dollars per square foot, plus installation.

Engineered hardwood costs around two to ten dollars per square foot (Add another two to four dollars if you need an underlayment).

From a cost standpoint it seems the choice is obvious but it is not. Laminate flooring when taken care of can last 30 years but hardwood (with proper care as well) can last a lifetime. Laminate floors cannot be refinished if damaged. Good hardwood floors can be refinished several times over.

Personally and for most homeowners it comes down to resale value. A home with natural, solid hardwood floors will have appeal more to buyers than engineered floors. Many homeowners recognize this and go for a combination. Real hardwood in the main living areas and engineered for the basement and high traffic areas.

Please see our many flooring options and discounts that we currently have going one.

Ash Sky Nuance 4″1/4 for $6.49/sq/ft

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Preverco Birch $4.75 sq/ft

Preverco Maple Sandstone $4.19 sq/ft

Preverco Red Oak Komodo $5.75 sq/ft

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