Getting the most from your old floors

When pulling up old hardwood floors why not take a moment and think about others ways in which you can use that old character filled wood. Walls are the perfect canvas to explore if you have old wood floors to use.

In our world today we cannot afford to forget about the environment. We must find ways to reuse or recycle old things and make them new again. Luckily wood is one of those miracle materials that reworked and re-purposed many times in its life span, with dramatic results. If let say you can get your hands on some old hardwood floors for a demolition project, they can easily be sanded, varnished, and placed in your new home giving it a charm like never before.   But wait there’s more.

Floor boards aren’t just good for making more floors. Old boards can be reused and placed in all sorts of area of your home. You don’t have to do whole walls, little nooks and small areas are the perfect opportunity to try new ideas.

The kitchen for instance. In the picture below you can see that adding wood to your kitchen gives it a unique charm to your kitchen and that one of a kind appeal.

Reclaimed hardwood flooring doesn’t just need to be used to spice up kitchens. Designers around the world are waking up to the potential and making what was once old, new again. Designers are making coffee tables out of old hardwoods, using the boards basically as wallpaper, and even using then as accent pieces in bathrooms or in the bedroom.

DIY Herringbone Plank Wall

First, let’s quickly review the basics of a herringbone pattern.  With a herringbone pattern, the ends are straight cuts that are butted against each other to create a 90-degree angle.  The cuts are actually quite easy, because they are all straight cuts everywhere, except where the ends meet the end of a wall.  

More design spaces are using patterns like herringbone wood floor in order to add dimension and flair. This trend has become more popular in recent years, with The hardwood Flooring Store installing more floors with this unique pattern.

If you are interested in this design, we have it available at the hardwood flooring store. Old World Herringbone $8.99 sq/ft

Please don’t hesitate to come to our showroom and see the selection of products we have.

Please see the many flooring options and discounts that they currently have going on.

Ash Sky Nuance 4″1/4 for $6.49/sq/ft

Old World Herringbone $8.99 sq/ft

Preverco Birch $4.75 sq/ft

Preverco Maple Sandstone $4.19 sq/ft

Preverco Red Oak Komodo $5.75 sq/ft

Make sure to check out our hardwood flooring liquidation area within our main showroom.

7291 Victoria Park Ave #7 Markham, ON L3R 3A4

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