Hardwood Flooring Store now supplies Appalachian Flooring to customers in the GTA

The Hardwood Flooring Store is pleased to announce that we now carry Canadian made floors from Appalachian Flooring based out of Quebec. Appalachian has a tradition of providing excellent quality inspired by the nature around us.

Explore with us a world of rich textures and pure colors designed to please even the most refined of tastes. You’ll find timeless classics as well as cutting-edge designs throughout our varied collections.

About Appalachian Flooring

Inspired by the namesake, Appalachian Flooring refines the natural beauty of wood in order for it to become an integral part of your home. Their dedication to growth and innovation secures their position among the leading manufacturers of hardwood flooring in North America.


Inspired by Nature

The Appalachians, which stretch from Newfoundland to Alabama, form one of the most majestic mountain ranges in North America. This magnificent relief is for us an icon of natural beauty. The Appalachians are also a privileged source of hardwood species recognized for their exceptional quality and form our preferred logging region. These species include hickory, hard maple, red oak, white oak and yellow birch.

We look forward to providing our customers access to another great selection of hardwood flooring from an environmentally friendly Canadian company. Come visit our showroom for more information.

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