With Preverco, appearances are never deceiving

In the past, shopping for hardwood floors was complicated. Clients were bombarded with grades that varied from supplier to supplier. People felt as though they needed a PhD to understand the technical information of wood flooring. But no more. We’ve stopped the technical mumbo jumbo. With our appearance-based classification for our hardwood floors, we eliminateContinue reading “With Preverco, appearances are never deceiving”


The Hardwood Flooring Stores specialize in providing high quality Canadian-made hardwood flooring products. The pandemic has shown us the short-sightedness of global supply chains as well as the differences between cheap foreign products and the domestic quality standards. This is why we are seeing a significant movement to ‘buy Canadian’. Even politicians are getting intoContinue reading “HARDWOOD FLOORING STORES SUPPORTS ‘BUY CANADIAN’”

How to compare value not prices when choosing hardwood flooring

“Your price is too high,” “XYZ company offered it for much cheaper,” or “This is outside of our budget”? Sometimes it’s true and it really is outside of your limited (and in some cases, unrealistic) budget, but homes and floors do cost money, and if you are in the game for a new floor, weContinue reading “How to compare value not prices when choosing hardwood flooring”

Installing A Hardwood Floor: The Preparation Process

At the time of writing this blog, a lot of people have a little extra time on their hands. If you can get your hands on a good quality hardwood flooring product, now might be a great time to install that hardwood floor that you have been thinking of. You want your home to have thatContinue reading “Installing A Hardwood Floor: The Preparation Process”

Why we choose Preverco as our preferred hardwood flooring provider

Based in Quebec, Canada, Preverco is a quite little success story right in our own backyard. As a leading manufacturer of North-American-sourced, high-end wood flooring, Preverco is leading the way in innovation and quality for the north american market. General Manager, Jean-François Dufresne talks about what makes Preverco a success story for over 25 yearsContinue reading “Why we choose Preverco as our preferred hardwood flooring provider”

Getting the most from your old floors

When pulling up old hardwood floors why not take a moment and think about others ways in which you can use that old character filled wood. Walls are the perfect canvas to explore if you have old wood floors to use. In our world today we cannot afford to forget about the environment. We mustContinue reading “Getting the most from your old floors”

What is the real cost difference between solid hardwood floors and engineered?

So you have decided to go with the awesome look of hardwood floors in your home. Good for you. Hardwood floors give a home a warm, cozy, comforting feeling that is hard to match. Feeling good about yourself you make your way down to the Hardwood Flooring Store and suddenly feel overwhelmed at all theContinue reading “What is the real cost difference between solid hardwood floors and engineered?”

Maple floors, easy to maintain, affordable, and simply beautiful!

Practical and Affordable Rated at 1450 in the Janka Hardness Coefficient table, and going as low as $3.49 per square foot, maple is a serious contender for beauty and longevity, while still affordable. Probably the best feature of maple flooring that many people do not know about, is maple’s natural resistance to moisture; this makes it a perfectContinue reading “Maple floors, easy to maintain, affordable, and simply beautiful!”

Why we offer Preverco hardwood flooring to our customers

Ron AnderDec 26 · 3 min read Preverco’s hardwood flooring products are sourced, designed and manufactured in Canada. Know what you buy: Canadian hardwood floors are ethically sourced and made, featuring uncompromising quality and safe materials. Rest easy by choosing a Canadian manufacturer you can trust. Are you concerned about where the wood comes from? Did you know that 98%Continue reading “Why we offer Preverco hardwood flooring to our customers”

Alert: Hazards in Hardwood Floor Installation and Finishing

Hazard Summary: Many solvent-based products are still widely used in the installation and finishing of hardwood floors. They are often highly flammable and/or combustible and pose a significant risk of fire and explosion. As well, when improperly handled they may cause acute or chronic health effects in workers. The process of hardwood floor installation andContinue reading “Alert: Hazards in Hardwood Floor Installation and Finishing”