Top 5 Hardwood Flooring Styles

Home renovation season is never out of demand, and you can finally make the changes you’ve been thinking about all summer to transform your home. After the tireless effort of finding the perfect floor to match your new decore, you probably realized in the process that your flooring style could give you that extra punch in every room.

This blog will help you make the right choice when choosing a hardwood floor for your home or condo.

The texture of a hardwood floor can add a lot to a décor, as you saw in one of our previous blog post where we presented some great options, and its style can considerably influence your interior as well. Nowadays, a variety of hardwood flooring styles and looks are available on the market.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 best hardwood flooring styles.

The Classic Look

The classic look has a smooth texture and is timeless and versatile, and still one of the most purchased hardwood flooring in most homes today. At The Hardwood Flooring Store this look is paired with either a smooth texture or an open grain texture and is available in a variety of colours and finishes.

We carry an extensive line of flooring from Lauzon’s extensive hardwood flooring selection feature in this timeless style.

The Shaded Look

The Hardwood Flooring Store carries a number of products that carry this look. It has a beautiful interplay between light and dark patterns in the wood that really stand out. The manufacturers intuitively use color to bring out all the character of the wood species giving it a more dynamic look and feel. It is definitely a look that stands out from a more classic look and feel.

Customers appreciate this attractive style, you can take a closer look at one of our suppliers at Lauzon and Preverco that supply us with amazing deals that we can pass on to you.

The Antique Look

A lot of home owners in the GTA have the privilege of owning some really beautiful, but older homes. Sometimes a really nice modern floor just doesn’t match the feel of the home. The antique look is the perfect flooring option for home owners that are looking to preserve that historic look. There are a lot of choices that will accomplish this, so you definitely want to come and visit our showroom to see how we can really help you find that perfect floor that matches your home.

The Floor with Character

Looking for flooring that truly gives you a stand-out look and complements wood’s innate character and beauty, this style accentuates the color contrasts in the grain. Paired with our wire-brushed texture, it masks the effects of daily traffic. Give your space real personality with this beautiful hardwood flooring style whose flaws make it flawless.

Looking for flooring that has character can be a little harder than your standard flooring options. Spend the time to look for the right pattern, texture, finish and colour. The choice might be harder but getting it right can really make your home stand out!

The Linear Flooring Option

One of our suppliers is Lauzon, they push the boundaries of floor design with our own exclusive techniques. Inspired by the natural motifs found in mineral stratification and featuring a gray color palette, our linear look is ultramodern and urban.

Come and Visit Us!

The best way to experience your new floors is to see and touch your new floors. We have very experienced staff that have been working with the Hardwood Flooring Store for decades. That experience will get you the best floor at the best price. We have a hardwood flooring liquidation room for the buyer that is looking for really high-end flooring for smaller or really specific jobs. Some of these great floors are discounted over 50%. We also have an exclusive line of high-end flooring options at our premium hardwood flooring website. Visit our main website at and come and see what we have to offer.

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